Future Scrap Recycling Co. Electronics Recycling Help Us Make The Planet A Better Place

Future Scrap Recycling Co. Electronics Recycling Help Us Make The Planet A Better Place

FutureScrap is a Pakistan’s leading Scraping, Recycling, Recovering, Reconditioning, and Manufacturing Company. We can supply the following materials: Aluminum, Aluminium Foil, Copper, Fiberglass, PVC, Plastics, Silver, Steel / Iron

Welcome to FUTURE SCRAP eWaste Recycling Center

FutureScrap is a Pakistan’s leading electronic waste (ewaste) collection, Scraping, Recycling, Recovering, Reconditioning, and Manufacturing Company.

We started out over 10 years ago in waste management with our company FutureScrap, over the years we have successfully expanded the business to be a national rubbish removal service.

Our mission is to protect our environment and keep electronic waste from entering our landfills. We provide a GREEN recycling solution to help both businesses and residents properly recycle electronic equipment.

What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste is any electrical or electronic appliances which became obsolete or no longer functional and need to be discarded. E-waste is generated by consumer electronic products. Electronic waste is considered any device that requires either a cord or batteries to operate. 

This includes computers, televisions, stereo equipment, speakers, monitors, and much more.  E-Waste isn’t allowed to be disposed of in the trash, and many cities have passed strict legislation requiring the proper disposal of these items.  Don’t just recycling your electronics because you’re supposed to, recycling your electronics because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

Why should recycle E-Waste?

E-waste is the most rapidly growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream. E-waste contains some recoverable materials such as aluminum, copper, silver, plastics, etc. In order to conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused, and recycled instead of being landfilled. E-waste also contains toxic and hazardous materials which have the potential to leach into our soil 

What material we can supply

We can supply almost any material which can be recovered from ewaste. Below is a list of some materials.

Copper bulkCopper wireCopper powderAluminum bulkShredded AluminumAluminum powderSteel / ironPlasticPCB fiberglass

Other material
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Fiberglass
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • PVC
  • Palladium
  • Plastics
  • Platinum
  • Rhodium
  • Silver
  • Steel
  • Tantalum

What items we accept for recycling

We can recycle almost any form of electronics, if it can be recycled. Below is a list of some items that we recycle regularly.
TV and MonitorsComputersComputer AccessoriesExpansion CardsPower SupplyCables and Wires

All other Items
  • Amplifiers
  • Answering systems
  • APC/UPS Backup Supplies
  • Appliances
  • Audio equipment
  • Auto starters and alternators
  • Batteries (alkaline, NiMH, NiCad, lithium ion)
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Cable boxes (analog, digital and satellite)
  • Cables and wire
  • Calculators
  • Cameras
  • Capacitors
  • CATV components
  • CD-rom drives
  • Cell phones
  • Circuit boards
  • Communication equipment
  • Computers and Laptops
  • Connectors
  • Consumer electronics
  • Copiers
  • CRT’s of all types
  • DVD and CD Players
  • Electric motors
  • Electronic components
  • Fax machines
  • Floppy drives
  • Hard drives, etc.
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Insulated cable, wire harnesses, cable assemblies (copper and aluminum)
  • Integrated circuits/semiconductors
  • Ink Cartridges
  • IT and telecommunications electronics
  • Keyboards/mice, etc.
  • Laptops and notebook computers
  • Mainframe computer equipment (ADPE) and servers
  • Medical equipment
  • Meters — electric and gas
  • Microwave ovens
  • Miscellaneous electronic items
  • Mobile Sim
  • Monitors of all types
  • Mother boards
  • Paging systems
  • Personal computers and associated hardware
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Power Cords and Cables
  • Power supplies
  • Printers and copiers
  • Processors
  • RAM
  • Resistors
  • Receiver-transmitters
  • Security systems
  • Servers
  • Satellite and cable equipment
  • Speakers
  • Stereo components of all types
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Telephones including cordless and cellular
  • Televisions and VCRs
  • Test equipment
  • Transformers
  • Transistors
  • Typewriters and calculators
  • User terminals and systems
  • Vacuums
  • Video equipment
  • Video game equipment
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Wiring
  • Zip drives


Address & Contact

Rex City Plaza, Faisalabad Pakistan http://futurescrap.com/contact.htm
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0) 300 8464330


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